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Beginners guide to invest in Dubai

Proven results are too tempting for anyone to invest in Dubai Real Estate. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best decisions to make. Considering any of parameters from bubble index to safety, infrastructure to living standards, development to innovation, Dubai is the best place to be at.

However, investing in a property could be stressful where a buyer has to select from hundreds of thousands of options. That's where Rely Properties comes into the picture. With multiple years of experience in the real estate industry, our team has expertise in all the areas of Dubai which will help you in finding the right choice.

We came up with a checklist which will help you with your next investment.

Location & Views: This is the key factor that determines the future value of your property. Choosing the right location is very important, let it be for investment or end use. A good location can guarantee higher returns on your investment, like a lush green community with park and world class amenities. On top of that views like lagoon, beach or fountain further increaes the value of your investment. Always remember that interiors of a property can be upgraded, however the community and views of the property can never be changed so always choose a location wisely.

Exclusivity: Its always good to check the number of units in supply. Yes, it matters a lot. Limited number of units tend to have a higher demand. And higher the demand, higher the prices will be.

Developer: Its good to know the developer of the project you are planning to invest in. Its better to go for a well known developer who has a proven track record of delevering on time.

Brand: Branded residences do have higher appreciation of value than standard residences. Everything counts when it comes to your property, Let it be interiors, exteriors, facade, community and amenities.

Area: While buying make sure to check the size of the property you are buying. There are two different aspects. Plot Area which indicates the total plot area on which the construction is done and Built Up Area which indicates the total constructed area.

Payment Terms: Ensure to understand the payment terms completely. If you are going for an offplan (Under Construction) property, it comes with a payment plan where you pay certain percentage over a period of construction in multiple installments and the remaining on the handover. Offplan projects are best for investment purposes and you can get the maximum return on your investment from this kind of property. And another ones are ready properties. In this type usually pay entire amount upfront and you can go for bank mortgage option. This is the best for the end users who needs something ready to move in.

When to buy: Last but not the least, If you are looking to get maximum returns on investment you should know when to enter for buying and when to exit. Its always good to enter at the time of launch so that you can get the unit directly from the developer and exit by the time of handover with the maximum yields.

Still not sure or having doubts, feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation and we will help you out.

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